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Asean Business Partners – Inauguration of Indonesian office

The Indonesian operation of ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) was launched in style on Indonesia’s 75th Independence day, August 17, 2020, with a dignified ceremony. It is a happy coincidence that the theme of the Indonesian Independence Day this year is “Indonesia Maju” or “Onward Indonesia” which echoes ABP’s core values and guiding principles. The motto of “Indonesia Maju” serves as a guiding light in the life of the nation and states to promote real progress so as to achieve the best results for all Indonesians. One of ABP’s values and guiding principles is to create value for our customers and clients in ASEAN, and to contribute towards helping the people and countries in ASEAN to prosper.

A ceremony of Selamatan, which is observed in Indonesia for special family occasions and to seek blessings when starting new projects, marked the launch of the ABP office in Jakarta. A traditional rice dish of Nasi Tumpeng, surrounded by Indonesian side dishes of vegetables and meat, was served at the Selamatan to seek protection, safety and harmony for the new office and organization.

It’s not by chance that ABP has selected Indonesia to set up its first operational office. The choice highlights Indonesia’s strategic importance of Indonesia both within ASEAN and on the global stage. Indonesia is the largest country in ASEAN in terms of economy, population and geographical spread, and has vast natural resources. Its large population of 270 million people consists of a very productive and young population as well as a burgeoning middle-class of consumers. The vision of Indonesia to become an advanced and prosperous nation among the world’s largest economies by 2045 provides unique and enormous opportunities for foreign and domestic investors to participate in the economic growth through investment in Indonesia.

ABP together with the Indonesian operations under Indonesia Business Partners (IBP) is well positioned to assist potential investors looking to enter and grow in the archipelago nation and take advantage of the opportunities presented by Indonesia. The senior management team consists of top professionals with extensive experience in various industries in large corporations.


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