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Asean Business Partners – Inauguration of Vietnam office

The Vietnam office of ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) was inaugurated in style on 7th February 2021. Vietnam is a rising star in ASEAN and has been a hotbed for investment activity for several years. Poised for phenomenal growth in the future, Hanoi was undoubtedly our city of choice as we expand our operational offices in ASEAN.

On the heels of the joyous occasion of upcoming Tet festival, the ceremony was spearheaded by Thao Nguyen, our Vietnam Country Manager. Sumit Dutta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ABP, was virtually gracing the occasion from Jakarta office.

One of ABP’s guiding principles is to create value for our customers and clients in ASEAN, and to contribute towards helping the people and countries in ASEAN to prosper. With this in mind, we take off on our Vietnamese journey to help potential investors take advantage of the opportunities presented by Vietnam.



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