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Fourth largest population in the world and a business-friendly president

Located in the heart of the ASEAN, Indonesia, which has the largest population in the region (4th highest in the world) with 270 million people, is an economic powerhouse. The archipelago-nation is part of the hallowed US$1 trillion GDP club with a conservative monetary system and consequently one of the lowest public debt/GDP ratio in Asia.

A democratic country that follows a presidential system, Indonesia now has a charismatic, scandal-free and business-friendly leader in President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who was elected for a second term in October 2019.

Indonesia enjoys a demographic advantage with a young workforce (median age in Indonesia is only 30!), leading to increasing consumer savings and spending. Indonesia’s large workforce makes the country an ideal hub for industrial production.

Indonesia is a digitally-savvy nation with a vast majority having access to mobile phones, 73.7% having internet access (in January 2021) and 69% actively using social media. Jakarta is reputed to have one of the most active Facebook and Twitter users in the world.

The largest country in ASEAN, Indonesia contributes to over 35% of ASEAN GDP and 40% of ASEAN population. But it is yet to achieve its potential on the same scale as its ASEAN neighbours Singapore or Malaysia; a fact that makes the investment case for Indonesia all the more compelling. Indonesia is a country whose time has come. Welcome to the party!


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