Located in the heart of the ASEAN, Indonesia, which has the largest population in the region (4th highest in the world) with 270 million people, is an economic powerhouse.

The President and his administration are focused on economic development and attracting investments

Strong fundamentals with bright future potential as a potential vibrant business hub.

Digital economy poised to spur strong growth in post-pandemic economic recovery

Large infrastructure conglomerates form backbone of nation’s business and industry

Ethnically diverse society rooted in culture and traditional values

To round off…

Indonesia is an ASEAN heavyweight demographically, commercially and culturally. It is on its course to achieve the full “global breakthrough” and this makes its investment case the more compelling. Add to this Indonesia’s sheer size and scale; young, internet-savvy workforce and consumers; and enlightened, dynamic political leadership – all the seeds for (your) success are there. ASEAN Business Partners counts Indonesia as home. Do come and pay Indonesia, and us, a visit.


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