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Newsletter – April 2021

A warm hello to our readers,

Welcome to the April 2021 edition of our monthly newsletter. ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, specialist market entry firm that helps companies manage and operate their presence in Asia better, particularly the 10 countries that comprise ASEAN.

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How to (not) fail in ASEAN

As western firms increasingly look eastwards to engage and thrive in the ever-evolving ASEAN region, the most pertinent question on the minds of western bosses is “how to avoid the pitfalls”. We share a rulebook, a primer of sorts, helping you avoid the things you shouldn’t do. Read more on our website

Indonesia’s new Sovereign Wealth Fund

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) bring a mixed bag of emotions to South East Asia. While success stories of Singapore help steer you, the devastating failure of the Malaysian fund looms large. Indonesia’s newly announced wealth fund has a lot of expectations riding on it. Where will it go? Read more on our website

Lessons for business: from Philippines’ EDSA Revolution

35 years ago, the EDSA Revolution or the People Power Revolution swept the Philippines. Over the years, the movement has been fondly remembered and several articles and reflections have been written throughout the years about the lessons one can take away from the revolution and its application in government, politics, and life. However, we are yet to see the same lessons being applied to businesses and organizational management. This article is perhaps one of the few to attempt that. Read more on our website

We have also included a quick round-up of important ASEAN news updates over the last 30 days, to help you scan through headlines.

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We would appreciate your comments and suggestions on this publication which will enable us to further improve our newsletter’s value to you.


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