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Newsletter – January 2021

Welcome to an exciting new year

ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, specialist consultancy that helps companies manage and operate their presence in ASEAN. We are well-networked, independent of governments, and have a team of dedicated country experts who are unrivaled in their ASEAN network, experience, and expertise, with proven credentials. Please take a moment to review our website.

With our monthly free newsletter featuring in-depth editorial, news highlights and key updates, we can help you keep on top of ASEAN topics and connect the dots between the diverse countries that make up this vibrant region. For our first edition starting January 2021, we have covered the following diverse topics:

ASEAN – A rising star in a post-pandemic world

The year 2020 left the world grappling with a pandemic-induced recession, and the ASEAN member states too, are subjected to this economic downturn. However, as we progress into 2021, with vaccines on the horizon, it is important to take a look at the future prospects of each ASEAN economy. Read more on our website

Omnibus law: Indonesia on the precipice of greatness

Indonesia, ASEAN’s largest economy, has been inching towards economic dominance for quite a while now. How does the new Omnibus Law help the country achieve greatness? Read more on our website

Brexit impact and opportunity for ASEAN

The United Kingdom eventually left the European Union on 31 Jan 2020 after 47 years of membership. Amid changing global dynamics, how will UK strengthen its ties and role within the ASEAN and what opportunities will Brexit bring to ASEAN? Read more on our website

ABC of global trade in 2021 – ASEAN, BIDEN and CHINA

Global analysts and media reports expect the new President of the United States to extend a hand to the vibrant ASEAN as part of US’ new foreign policy. Visit our website for the full analysis

Vietnam – A rising ASEAN star

Vietnam has emerged as a dependable trade partner for some of the world’s most developed economies, amid escalating Sino-US trade war and slow post pandemic recoveries. What are the opportunities and challenges facing the rising ASEAN star? Read more on our website to find out the opportunities and challenges facing Vietnam.

Vietnam is also in midst of an information technology (IT) development boom all thanks to its young, tech-savvy working force, a growing middle class and an investor friendly government. Read more on our website on the emerging IT hotspot.

We have also included a quick round-up of important ASEAN news updates to help you scan through headlines.

We hope you find this issue useful and a fun read. You can also download our newsletter to read it offline. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions on this publication which will enable us to further improve our newsletter’s value to you.

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