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Newsletter – March 2021

Hello from ASEAN Business Partners

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter for the month of March 2021. ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, specialist market entry firm that helps companies manage and operate their presence in Asia better, particularly the 10 countries that comprise ASEAN.

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Why ASEAN treads cautiously over Hong Kong

The 10 countries of ASEAN are geographically and politically removed from unfolding events in Hong Kong, yet some impact is shared. Hong Kong’s challenges with China elicit mixed responses in ASEAN. Observers are wary of China’s growing influence there and throughout Asia. Read more on our website

Singapore: Big Kahuna of the ASEAN world

While Singapore is home to less than 1% of ASEAN’s population, it contributes to more than 11% of the ASEAN GDP. A well-developed capital market and the presence of a vibrant network of strong local and global banks has added to the lure of Singapore as a gateway to ASEAN. Read more on our website

India’s look east policy

As the global economic glare continues to shift from the west to the east, what is of particular interest is how India and ASEAN will strengthen their ties. Read more on our website



We have also included a quick round-up of important ASEAN news updates over the last 30 days, to help you scan through headlines.

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