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Newsletter – May 2021

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the May 2021 edition of our monthly newsletter. ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, specialist market entry firm that helps companies manage and operate their presence in Asia better, particularly the 10 countries that comprise ASEAN.

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How China’s Belt and Road Initiative can make or break the global climate change accord

China’s much touted BRI is a peculiar blend of Chinese geopolitics, foreign policy, foreign development aid and investment. What makes BRI an even more sensitive global topic is its impact on the Paris accord, particularly on China’s own green pledges and what it means for the planet. Read more on our website

Renew Vietnam: No more coal is the goal

Vietnam is considered one of the most efficient power markets in Southeast Asia. While, energy sources are diverse, hydropower and coal-fired power continue to lead among power generation sources. But increasingly, the country has shown intent on exploring alternative energy sources away and have given a much needed push to the renewables sector. Read more on our website

Palm Oil divides the East and West

Indonesia and Malaysia have joined hands to tackle the wounded global image of palm oil. With its attack on EU’s policies terming it discriminatory, the issue may come down to not just whether palm oil is harmful, but are the alternatives worse? Read more on our website

We have also included a quick round-up of important ASEAN news updates over the last 30 days, to help you scan through headlines.

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