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Petroleum and natural gas are top Industrial sectors

Main industries of Indonesia are petroleum and natural gas; textiles; apparel; footwear; mining; cement; chemical fertilizers; machinery; electronics; hardware; software; telecommunications; plywood; rubber; food and tourism.

Top business conglomerates and companies include:

• Pertamina – state-owned company engaged in the energy sector including oil, gas and new and renewable energy;

• Bank Rakyat Indonesia – commonly known as BRI, is one of the largest banks in Indonesia specialising in small scale and microfinance style borrowing from and lending to its approximately 30 million retail clients through its over 4,000 branches, units and rural service posts. Set up in 1896, it is currently a 70% government owned operating company.);

• Bank Mandiri – is the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans and deposits);

• Telkom Indonesia – is Indonesia’s largest telecommunication and network provider. The company, which is majority owned by the Indonesian government, has a dominating market share of between 45% and 50% in terms of mobile phone subscribers in Indonesia. Telkom is one of the largest Indonesian companies in terms of market capitalization. It is the parent company of the Telkom Group, which is engaged in a wide range of businesses including telecommunication, multimedia, property and financial services;

• Gudang Garam – founded in 1958 is one of the largest tobacco manufacturer in Indonesia with a market share of over 25%;

• Astra – conglomerate with businesses in diverse sectors including automotive, agribusiness and infrastructure;

• Unilever Indonesia – MNC consumer goods company with a basket of 40 popular brands across different categories and operating in the country for over 85 years.


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