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The Pulse August 2021

We at ASEAN Business Partners present you the August 2021 edition of The Pulse. In the Pulse , we present to you a view of what is happening in ASEAN to help you understand this region better and to identify business growth opportunities.

August is an important month for ASEAN countries, Singapore and Malaysia celebrating their Independence Day along with Indonesia. August 2021 is even more special because of Olympics . ASEAN countries are well represented in the Olympics and in a show of women power, many of their medals are being won by female sportspersons.

ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, specialist market entry and market growth firm that helps companies manage and operate their presence in Asia better, particularly the 10 countries that comprise ASEAN.

Our August edition covers the following :

Indonesia’s new capital: Aiming for a post-COVID fresh start?

Indonesia new capital has been in discussion for a few years. We try to understand how this may help fast-growing Indonesia’s development process.
7-minute read


ASEAN goes green: Renewable energy strategies in Southeast Asia

We list ASEAN countries current clean energy strategies. We see that is opportunity for invention and reinvention in region which has “sea of resources”.
5-minute read


COVID-19: Global pandemic to endemic disease – at best

Businesses are waiting to resume, hoping uptake of vaccination increase by the day. What is the real picture when the way of life is being redefined with every new lockdown?
8-minute read


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