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The Pulse December 2021

We at ASEAN Business Partners present you the December 2021 edition of The Pulse. We capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to keep you updated on what is happening and to help you understand and identify opportunities in Asia.

In this edition, we focus on four areas – growth of digital payments in ASEAN, Vietnam – a land with investment opportunities, ABP’s market research offering with local expertise and what COP26 agreements mean for Southeast Asia?

Fintech is booming in ASEAN. Many ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam etc have huge populations with large proportions still unbanked. Digital channels represent the only viable way to provide financial services to the masses, and fintech companies and newly formed digital banks are capitalising on the boom. Our article talks about the dramatic developments in this space in ASEAN countries during the pandemic year.

Trends have shown that Vietnam’s growth has been exponential especially in the years after an economic downfall. We explain why Vietnam’s open economy strategy makes it an attractive investment destination for the West and from its neighbours in the East.

Local expertise is an important aspect for market research or any business. ABP’s local presence and strong local network offers a bouquet of services with up-to-date insights to prospective businesses looking to expand within ASEAN and those who are new to the region.

The agreement towards zero emissions at COP26 is a big step for ASEAN, especially because it is home to multiple manufacturing factories. We evaluate ASEAN’s commitment towards climate change and how realistic are these targets.

Our December edition covers the following :

Digital financial services get a pandemic boost

7-minute read


Vietnam: the world’s favourite investment destination

3-minute read


ABP Market Research: Local presence and strategy for ASEAN

2-minute read


COP26: Big promises, but meeting targets key

3-minute read


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