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The Pulse January 2022


We at ASEAN Business Partners wish you a very positive and happy start to 2022.

We present you the January 2022 edition of The Pulse where we capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to keep you updated on what is happening and to help you understand and identify opportunities in Asia.

In the first edition of 2022, we focus on – social commerce buying trends, ASEAN as a logistics hub, need for tokenization services and gig work trends in Southeast Asia.

Here is a glimpse:

  • Social commerce has become a new way to shop and is a trend that is picking up in ASEAN countries where social media uptake is one of the highest in the world.
  • One of ASEAN integration plans include a robust logistics and supply chain systems. We write on how this manufacturing hub is simultaneously working on its logistics portfolio.
  • In the time of digital money and card transactions, fraud is one of the overarching concerns. Tokenization does away with any weak links and protects customers in this digital age.
  • Gig work is driver of flexibility and diversification, and is visibly helping Southeast Asian women to find jobs. Not protected under labour laws yet, gig work, if ethically practiced, can be a gamechanger for ASEAN markets.

Our January 2022 edition covers the following:

Social Commerce: Where is ASEAN shopping?

7-minute read

Logistics could unlock next level of growth in ASEAN

3-minute read

Tokenisation: A tool to avoid e-payment frauds

3-minute read

New ways to employ and work: Gig work in digital ASEAN

2-minute read

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