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The Pulse November 2021

We at ASEAN Business Partners present you the November 2021 edition of The Pulse. We capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to keep you updated on what is happening and to help you understand and identify opportunities in Asia. In this edition, we focus on five areas – tourism, first-party data, mobile gaming, unicorns of Southeast Asia and the recently concluded COP26 event.

Even as countries are opening up international tourism, we see a new trend in domestic tourism in the region and this change is for the good.

Third party cookies will be phased out by 2023 and to combat that, companies should invest in building first-party data to understand their customer behaviour. We present a possible solution for firms in Asia.

Mobile gaming is increasing in Southeast Asia and we look at how the pandemic has accelerated this growth. We also write on why start up entrepreneurs now must look beyond Singapore to establish their presence in ASEAN.

Finally, we summarize ASEAN’s commitment towards climate change during the recently concluded U.N. COP26 event in Glasgow.

Our November edition covers the following :

Looking beyond COVID-19 for SEA tourism

5-minute read


Survival guide for the 3rd party cookie apocalypse

2-minute read


One life, many gamers: Mobile gaming trends in Southeast Asia

8-minute read


Southeast Asia’s economy is evolving – The Unicorn theory

5-minute read


ASEAN’s commitments to climate change at U.N. COP26 – a summary

2-minute read


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