The Pulse October 2021

We at ASEAN Business Partners present you the October 2021 edition of The Pulse. We capture the trends and developments through a scan of global events and reflections to help businesses identify prospects in Asia.

In this edition, we look at how Vietnam’s social sector has been impacted by digital uptake and reflect on some key trends in each sector. Fintech revolution has shown us that fraud and risk management are key issues to solve for and we write on a solution that could help mitigate these two challenges rampant in many developing nations. We reflect on STEM education and its incessant necessity to address rational digital transformation in the Southeast Asian markets. We also look at where the ASEAN countries are on electric vehicle policies, especially Thailand which now seems to be emerging as a leader in electric vehicle production center.

Our October edition covers the following :

Ushering digital strategies to improve Vietnam’s social sector and lives

6-minute read


Fraud mitigation strategies for a secure digitized future

2-minute read


STEM education in ASEAN: For informed and improved lives

10-minute read


EVs will lead the future in ASEAN

2-minute read


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